Automatic transitive compilation

Just save the source file and it is immediately compiled if necessary – and also all files which include it, even indirectly!

Problem markers

Compilation warnings and errors appear as clickable problem markers & console hyperlinks.

Integrated Score & Audio View

Get rapid visual and auditive feedback: see your source and score side-by-side and hear how it sounds! No more disruptive context switching!

Two-way point-and-click

The semantic distance between the source and the score is greatly reduced by providing a bidirectional mental bridge between them.

Less typing

A new wizard that generates the necessary boilerplate, quickly insertable common templates, auto edit, content assist – all of these let you write LilyPond code as fluently as possible!

Powerful editor

Standard editor features such as syntax coloring, bracket matching, code folding and formatting are at your disposal!

Outline & Quick Outline

Get an overview of your huge score and navigate to any part instantly using either the mouse or the keyboard!

Variable support

Reusing music expressions is even more convenient with the help of content assist, validation, open declaration and find references.

Quick Fixes

Elysium assists you in fixing problems in your source files by offering the following quick fixes:

  • Create missing variable
  • Change variable reference to existing
  • Add \version statement


Changed your mind about naming or your project structure? Never mind, references are automatically updated when performing the following refactorings:

  • Rename variable
  • Rename/move/delete file/folder